Tremblant Rentals by Owner are how the majority of the accommodations are rented in Mont Tremblant. All the developments in the pedestrian village, chemin de la Forêt, chemin de la Montagne, chemin du Géant, and Les Résidences Le Maître where commercially developed and then purchased by the private sector as vacation property. Many Tremblant rentals by owner are offered through Rendez-Vous Mont-Tremblant, who specialize in providing a unique and memorable summer vacation experience

Tremblant rentals by owner provide a very unique opportunity for the owner and visitor. The owner is able to share their home which is often a very special place and as a visitor to this area you get to enjoy a unique accommodation each and every time you visit. Each accommodation offers different amenities and the personal style and comfort of each owner. We offer a Photo Gallery of most of our accommodations and encourage you to take a look. They are available in the detail section of each accommodation.

If you think of yourself as a guest rather than a renter you can begin to imagine the benefit of booking one of these accommodations. Tremblant rentals by owners provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a very memorable and personal experience. We have many guests who return to benefit from different accommodation experiences and others who fall in love with an accommodation offered by a particular Tremblant rental by owner and make annual trips returning to stay at the same place.

Many of the owners have guest books that allow you to enjoy the experiences of others and communicate with the owners. One of our owners recently commented that one of their favorite things to do upon arriving back in Tremblant is read the guest book at their place to see what others have had to say.

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Tremblant rentals by owner - how it works

Owners personal use of their home varies. When it is not being used, the remainder of time (or inventory) is placed in the Rendez-Vous Mont-Tremblant rental pool. This provides our Vacation Specialists the opportunity to offer you various accommodation possibilities.

The owners that rent are designated as a hotelier's in Quebec and have hired Rendez-Vous Mont-Tremblant to act as their agent. Through this relationship, we are able to provide you with all the opportunities in one place. Rather than each owner attempting to market their property and you having to search through all the options, you can find it all in one place.

In addition to accommodation possibilities, we also offer all the information necessary for your to plan your activities. We will help to answer any questions as well as rent, reserve or set-up various requirements that you may have.

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