Rendez-Vous Mont Tremblant was established in 2002 and commits itself to providing "unparelled quality and preferred service" throughout each facet of its operation.


Superior, professional, and sincere service.
"Controlled Growth Strategy - by managing a selective number of properties, owners and guests are guaranteed personalized attention.
Maximum rental revenue while maintaining meticulous home maintenance.
Accessibility / open communications with owners.
Personal check-in and concierge services for all guests and owners


Rental Management is not just about property, it is about people. At Rendez-Vous Mont Tremblant, we work directly with our owners to ensure long lasting relationships which focus on flexibility, trust and careful planning. We want to be with you every step of the way to ensure owning a vacation home managed by us is as enjoyable and easy as possible. Rendez-Vous Mont Tremblant recognizes the importance of sustaining a manageable number of properties in order to ensure customer loyalty and homeowner revenues. This philosophy enables us to provide exceptional service with attention to detail that is seldom found elsewhere.


Brigitte Séguin
Owner business development

24/7 Guest Support
Eastern Standard Time

6385 Montée Ryan
Mont-Tremblant, Québec
Canada J8E 1S5
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